2013 Hummer H2 Review and Price

Friday, December 14th 2012. | Hummer

2013 Hummer H2 comes with a unique design that combines luxury softer with legendary ruggedness, this car has advanced technology has a 300 horsepower engine with a 6.0 liter V-8 has been met and 6.2-liter that pumps out 393 bhp which is enough to increase capacity towing for £ 8000, and requires a larger cooling system.

New 2013 Hummer H2 Review and Price

2013 Hummer H2 side angle

2013 Hummer H2 Review

To the pleasure of the driver 2013 Hummer H2 equipped radio and DVD system while the safety system 2013 Hummer H2 comes curtain airbags, rollover detection and mitigation as part of the stability control. 2013 Hummer H2 has a light and spacious framework that offers vehicle stability. With enhanced safety features and a more powerful engine coupled with a new six-speed automatic transmission that produces an improved powertrain efficiency.

2013 Hummer H2 Specifications:

Class :    Full-size SUV
Body style :    4-door crew cab truck4-door SUV.
Layout :    Front engine Four wheel drive.
Platform :    GMT913 (SUT).
Engine :    6.0L 325 hp (242 kW) V8(2006–09)6.2L 393 hp (293 kW) V8 (2008–09).
Transmission :    4L65E 4-speed (2003–2007)6L80E 6-speed (2008–2009)automatic.
Wheelbase :    SUT: 122.8 in (3,119 mm)SUV: 122.8 in (3,119 mm).

Length :    SUT: 203.5 in (5,169 mm)SUV: 203.5 in (5,169 mm).
Width :    81.2 in (2,062 mm).
Height :    79.2 in (2,012 mm)2003–05: 77.8 in (1,976 mm).
Curb weight :    6,614 lb (3,000 kg) 6.2-Liter6,400 lb (2,900 kg) 6.0-Liter.

2013 Hummer H2 Engine

2013 Hummer H2 has two more teeth with a Hydra-Matic 6L80 6-speed automatic transmission. 2013 Hummer H2 equipped powertrain combination consists of all aluminum 6.2L small-block V-8 engine, rated 393 horsepower (293 kW) increased by approximately 20% compared to the previous engine and Hydra-Matic 6L80 six-speed automatic transmission, engine technology to optimize performance , such as variable valve timing, and a wide ratio six-speed gears, including overdrive gear “high” increased performance and fuel efficiency.

2013 Hummer H2 Price

Price Hummer H2 is around $ 32,995.

New 2013 Hummer H2 front angle

2013 Hummer H2 front angle

New 2013 Hummer H2 interior 1

2013 Hummer H2 interior 1

New 2013 Hummer H2 interior 2

2013 Hummer H2 interior 2

New 2013 Hummer H2 rear angle

2013 Hummer H2 rear angle

New 2013 Hummer H2 wheels

2013 Hummer H2 wheels

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